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It's a V- World Farm Women

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Update from Eve in Bukavu

Here's what's new: an incredible road that facilitates better access to both sides of the land.

We just harvested seven tons of rice.

We had 10 pigs a years ago, now we have 168 pigs.

There are eight ponds full of leaping Tilapia.

There are ten young women from City Of Joy who work the lands and all of the City of Joy residents learn agriculture at the farm.

There are avocados, Macademia nuts, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and orange trees.



Did you know ... There is an Art to Small Talk

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Welcome to the Art of "Small Talk" skills 101

Did you pass your ESL exam with flying colors, but need and want more practice with situational American Conversation that includes introductions,interviews, shopping, using the Phone, taking Metro, ordering at Restaurants from Menus or maybe you just want to get better at

Small Talk!

 The Goal is to help you improve not only your "Small Talk Skills" but also gain

confidence that can be applied to any city you might find yourself in   ...

 Leave a message if you are interested in taking a Class.

We require 10 people for

each class meet-up and they meet 2hrs twice a week

- 24 Sessions

email me at

TuneCore Artists ... Get heard

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Tune Core Music and Video Distribution of Your Own Music!

TuneCore is the premier digital music distributor and publishing administrator for musicians worldwide.

Click on the graphic for your opportunity

6 tips for putting words to music

I am not a songwriter but I love to read definitely hear the spoken word.

My interest is in the art of movement, specifically dance, but great words put on paper in innovative patterns can soothe invigorate irritate and make you move and feel good.

They also say, Music is said to soothe the savage beast least we talk about our souls

… So, since

we all love to love …

1) Make it personal because reading someone’s experience with love at first sight, first love, lust , a long term love or a one night stand brings a sense of connection folks sometimes look for and set to music can only enhance a good lyric ..right

2) Be yourself because as an avid reader and lover of music I do go out of my way to learn the lyrics to a song I like love and feel  the performer is genuine in their delivery and not trying to be something else,  can actually be heard seen felt through the spoken word

3) The kind of music that makes an impression on me also provides imagery a vision of something the song is about; even if it is abstract, the image is sort of like a coffee table object.  Always up for interpretation depending on who is listening reading or learning the lyrics … of course, when it comes to love … when someone is singing to you … take the time to listen; I heard that once and then again you may have heard the song but weren’t feeling the notes

 The thing or thang that gets me onto the dance floor …

4) Rhymes Reason and Rhythm because who doesn’t like the art of movement …and more often than not that is what kind of music makes great artist move up into the stratosphere … in my opinion. I dance because I have to and anything that has a great hook a great bass  or syncopation definitely will get played more than once in my house. The rhythm of life

5) Always assume a video of your creation is a possibility so … be that visionary

:)  Always believe you were born to make music  (:


"This post was created in partnership with eAccountable.

All opinions are my own."

Everyday dressing made easy ...

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The Calendar says its spring, though we all know, it really is not yet because it is still hella cold on the east coast, we lefties on the West Coast have it cold but no artic vortex is going on more snow well more storms are reported to be on the way.

We used to hear " fashion industry experts" talk about wearing leggings for pants, but ladies still say sorry I’m wearing my leggings because they're comfy though TV says they look frumpy! Some are all cotton maybe all poly or a blend but the ones that are thermal with a bagging look are here to stay, at least until spring actually gets here. 

Well, I believe in layering and out here, jeans/leggings are definitely a staple but ... but sometimes they just do not look right or fit the situation. Therefore, i am suggesting medium to heavy weight, sleeveless jumpers and sheaths; like the picture above. Why? Because you can wear them with a multitude of tops ,turtlenecks, long sleeves , short sleeves, and on top of that a great cardigan or chunky sweater ... white black blues reds ... and if needed top it off with a blazer ... shoot, throw a black chunky beach sweater on with some boots ! I know you can dress it up wearing some boots too! ... I chose the picture above because of the options. I can imagine so many diff looks and if the material is sustainable, it stands to live a long life looking great but different depending on what you do it can also be worn with sandals,  pumps and stilettos too.  I love the next generation of leggings and jeans because they have gone high tech and with the right shoe... fantabulous... and If you've been watching there has been an attitude adjustment on leggings since the east coast has had to battle extreme cold weather ...

maybe go to the next legging level


RELAX ... and the 6 Scents that can help you

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by Jolene Hart

6 Scents for a Serene Scene

Expert: Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP 

Essential oils may be ancient remedies, but they can have value in our modern lives, offering therapeutic benefits to the body and mind. 

While many perfumes and commercial air fresheners contain ingredients that can be toxic, essential oils add fragrance that can lift your spirits without compromising your health. These concentrated, active compounds are often extracted from the seeds, bark, flowers, leaves or roots of plants. Here are six occasions where essential oils can boost your mood, relax your mind and awaken your senses.  

The scene: Running errands

The oil: Peppermint

Grocery run, dry cleaning, pet store — the next time you find yourself with a long to-do list, rouse yourself from a sluggish state with peppermint, a potent energy-booster. 

How to use it: Dab a few drops on pulse points for a pick-me-up. Or try this as a DIY auto air freshener. Cover a small piece of cardboard with fabric, sprinkle on a few drops of oil (try peppermint and vanilla for a sweeter, milder blend) and tuck it into your car console. Refresh with more oil whenever you need an energy boost.


The scene: At home for the holidays 

The oils: Pine, cinnamon, juniper

Create a warm holiday feel with essential oils — and without synthetic scents — using traditional winter aromas such as pine, cinnamon and juniper.

How to use it: Sprinkle a few drops of oil onto a cooled light bulb. When you turn it on, you’ll notice the mood transformation as the air becomes fragrant.


The scene: A sick day

The oil: Thieves (a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary)

Could an essential oil help clear the air when you’re down for the count with a cold or the flu? Medieval lore has it that this oil blend kept a band of thieves free from illness while robbing victims who had succumbed to the Black Plague. So imagine what it could do for you during cold season! With its decongestant and antimicrobial properties, it may even stop germs in their tracks. 

How to use it: Sprinkle Thieves oil on a clean tissue and leave it at your bedside to diffuse into the air. As needed, inhale the oil from the tissue to clear your nasal passages. 


The scene: Dark winter evenings

The oils: Lemon, sweet orange, jasmine

When you’re in need of a pick-me-up on dark winter nights, citrus oils and florals can lift your mood. Try lemon and sweet orange (undiluted, these oils can irritate skin, so don’t apply them directly) or jasmine.

How to use it: In the bath. Dilute a few drops of oil into a teaspoon of a carrier oil —  almond oil or jojoba oil are good choices — and pour into your bathwater. Or add a few drops of oil to a baking soda and Epsom salt mixture to make homemade bath salts. 


The scene: Frazzled with the family

The oils: Sandalwood, cedarwood

When it comes to calming oils, there’s more than just lavender. Look to the woods —  sandalwood and cedarwood — for instant soothing that will lower your stress level. 

How to use it: As a face mist. Mix a few drops of oil into a small spray bottle filled with distilled water. Shake and spray over your skin, hair, sheets — anywhere you need a dose of calm. 


The scene: At the office

The oil: Rosemary

You know those moments when your brain needs some revving but you want to steer clear of caffeine jitters? Recent studies show that rosemary essential oil can boost your alertness and cognitive function without that wired side effect. Rosemary for remembrance? Seems Shakespeare was well-versed in the power of aromatherapy. 

How to use it: On a diffuser. A simple terra cotta ornament or pot at your desk becomes an essential oil diffuser when you shake on a few drops of oil and let them evaporate into the air around you.

Photo credit: Shutterstock


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Panasonic's Solar Project ... Cut Out the Darkness

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Design Lampshades for Solar Lanterns to Help People in Need

During Panasonic’s Cut Out the Darkness project, visitors to the company’s website can design lampshades for solar lanterns that will be donated to regions without electricity. Photo: Panasonic
Want to light up the life of someone who needs it? Now you can. Panasonic’s Cut Out the Darkness project allows visitors to the company’s website to design lampshades that could be sent along with solar lanterns to those who live in areas without access to electricity.


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